Time and Money Savings: Life is busy as it is, as your agent I look for the best travel deals so you don’t have to! All of my services are of no extra charge to you and I can possibly save you money compared to you booking on your own through the internet.

Travel Assistance

This is one of the best perks of using an agent, you will be working with a person, versus the internet. I take care of everything, from the time you arrive at your destination to the time you step foot back home, a dedicated agent is a irrefutable benefit.

Travel Recommendations

Need a recommendation on a resort, cruise line, vacation destination? With training and being well-traveled, I can offer you options you might not have considered.

Destination knowledge

As an agent I am constantly training and obtaining certifications to help you decide on the best fit for your wants and needs.


Your time is valuable, why not have someone do all of the research and have all of the answers to your questions. All of your final details will be put in one comprehensive travel plan.


Things on your trip not going as smoothly as you would like? Let me take care of things to help get your trip back on track.

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