Heading on a Disney cruise? Packing the right items for your adventure at sea is essential to enjoy all the activities onboard without a hitch. Whether you’re soaking in the sun by the pool or dining under the stars, here’s how to dress stylishly and comfortably throughout your day.

What to Wear on a Disney Cruise in a Day

Start your morning relaxed and casual. T-shirts and shorts are the go-to outfits for both kids, women, and men. They’re perfect for a quick breakfast before heading to the pool. Kids might prefer starting the day in swimwear with cover-ups, ready to splash into the day’s activities.

As the sun climbs, you’ll likely be spending time at the ship’s pool or participating in various water-related activities. Swimwear is a must. Consider a comfortable child one-piece or a fun, themed bikini or trunks to add to the Disney magic. Don’t forget to bring out your inner mermaid in this Ariel and this comfy unisex swim cover up cover-up for transitioning to indoor areas smoothly.

Evenings on a Disney cruise call for a bit more flair, especially if you’re dining in one of the ship’s fancier restaurants like Remy or Palo. You will love this dress for your adult only dining experience! The dress code is resort casual. Ladies can opt for a lovely dress paired with a light cardigan, while gentlemen might choose lightweight pants or shorts with a polo shirt or this Cuban style shirt that looks great with shorts or pants. Remember, evenings can be cool at sea, so a light layer is advisable.

Special Note for Pirate’s Night: Don your girls best pirate gear and boys best pirate gear for this fun-themed evening that transforms the cruise into a buccaneer’s dream!

Essentials for Your Disney Cruise Packing List

Beyond clothing, here’s a checklist of essentials to ensure a seamless and enjoyable cruise experience:

  • Passports/Birth Certificates: Ensure all travel documents are current and valid. This is the cutest passport holder around!
  • Cruise Documentation: Don’t forget your check-in forms, printed and signed.
  • DCL Issued Luggage Tags: Load your Disney paper luggage tags into these protective covers. They attach to your bags for proper delivery to your stateroom. Don’t forget your own luggage tag with your contact information to make your luggage easily identifiable.
  • Flight and Transportation Documents: Keep these handy if you’re flying to the port.
  • 3rd Party Excursion Documentation: Confirm your off-ship excursions and bring the necessary paperwork.
  • Medical Insurance Card: Always bring along for any unforeseen issues.
  • Travel Insurance Documentation: Essential for covering unexpected travel issues.
  • Cash/Credit Cards: Needed for tips and extra purchases both on and off the ship.
  • Electronic Devices: This includes cell phones, chargers, laptops, iPads/tablets, Kindles, and a portable USB charger.
  • Entertainment: Pack headphones, these kids sized bluetooth headphones are amazing, a headphone splitter, and any other entertainment devices.
  • Lanyard: These lanyards are so helpful to hold your Key To The World Card.
  • Beach/Pool Bag Essentials: Sunscreen is a must! Bringing your own is definitely more cost-effective. These fun kid sunglasses and hats will help with protection from the sun.
  • Miscellaneous: Remember items like gum (not sold onboard), medications, prescription glasses, and contacts.
  • Travel First Aid Kit: Boo Boos Be Gone! This adorable travel first aid kit will help with those sudden cuts, boo boo kisses not included!
  • Keep Track Of The Kids with these adorable AirTag Disney character bracelets. Kid-tracking just got cuter!
  • Insulated Water Bottles For The KidsThese are great for travel
  • Collapsible Buckets and Sand ToysGreat for easy packing and fun for all ages on the beaches
  • Seasickness Remedies: Be prepared with medications or wristbands if needed.
  • Charging Hub: Keep all your devices powered up with a multi-port charger.
  • Reusable Tote Bag: Use this handy beach bag/tote for carrying souvenirs or items from port stops.
  • Reading Material: Relax with a good book during downtime. Save space with your own Kindle.
  • Deck of Cards or Travel Games: Enjoy some entertainment during downtime with fellow travelers.
  • Portable Fan: Keep cool in the sun or on deck with this portable rechargeable fan.
  • Reusable Straws: Use these easily packable Eco-friendly option for drinks onboard.
  • Travel Sewing Kit: Handy for any wardrobe malfunctions and easy to pack.
  • Magnetic hooks: Use these colored magnetic hooks to hang towels, beach bags, kids gear, lanyards etc.

By being well-prepared and organized, your Disney cruise experience will be even more enjoyable. From exploring the ports to dining in style, having all the essentials at hand ensures a smooth and memorable voyage. Get ready to make unforgettable moments aboard the magical Disney cruise ship! 🌊🌟

Bon Voyage!

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